WebCrawler is a Web service that assists users in their Web navigation by automating the task of link traversal, creating a searchable index of the web, and fulfilling searchers’ queries from the index. Web file tracker automatically looks for new content or file on Web pages. When a change is detected, our software can notify you by sending an email, including a copy of the web page with the changes highlighted, or by displaying a desktop alert. This software contains scheduler to monitor site routinely. Software also downloads files in particular folder for further analysis.

School Management System

School Management System is the software which is developed for the ZP schools . School Management System (SMS) consists of tasks such as registering students, attendance record keeping controlling absentees, producing report cards, producing official transcript, and producing different reports for teachers, and other stakeholders.

Hospital Management  system

Hospital Management system consists of Computer Software that a medical institution uses to record transactional data, process patient information and report operating information. The software takes care of all the requirements of an average hospital and is capable to provide easy and effective storage of information related to patient’s that come up to the hospital. It generates test Reports.

Library Management System

Library Management System is a comprehensive library management solution that is suitable for both large and small libraries. Its flexible design enables System to be installed in a range of Library organizations, ranging from public libraries, through to academic, joint use and special libraries.This project of “LIBRARY MANAGEMENT” of gives us the complete information about the library.

Medical Automation

It is a complete Medical Management system covering all the activities of a Medical store. It maintains all the information related to the Product, Supplier, Customer, Employee, Medical, Company, Account etc.A handy tool,user-friendly system that makes the Medicine Information, sales and transactions seamlessly and logically easier.Medical System is a powerful software specifically designed for Medical Stores.


Irrigation Management can be defined as the process of implementation of suitable operation and maintenance in order to meet the objectives of the concerned irrigation system and monitoring of the activities to assure that the objectives are met.  It contains proper water management, including scheduling at the farm level on the part of project planners, designers, system operators, and agricultural personnel, as well as farmers.  .

Online Examination

An Online Examination is one wherein a student answers his exam on the computer and submits his answers. The submitted answers are evaluated by the examination software and the results are available immediately. This saves the evaluation time. Besides this a large amount of details like examination trends can be made available immediately if required.  .

Bricks Firm Management

Bricks software is all about the management of clay brick production . Brick Software manage all the stocks of these resources and also labor and account management. It includes adding the employee to firm in appropriate post by particular employee and maintain the salary and calculate the salary for each employee. Mostly bricks software includes raw material inventory, production management, sales, purchase ready bricks from another party, payment management, worker management, expenditure management, disaster management .

Transport Management System

Transportation Management Solutions provide you a profitable and efficient transportation .It Is fully integrated, cost effective, end to end transport management system including consignment, billing, reporting, accounting, contractor payments driver payroll. It is the perfect tool for creating reports regarding drivers’ information and customer-related information,Genarates Godown Stock Reports.

Trader System

Trader Management System (TMS), this product is basically designed to solve the critical curve of the Trading & stock management system. This software automates the manual purchase and selling process.  It maintains the purchase, sale, stock maintenance (product wise) and other various statutory reports, which are ready to use. User only input to some screen, user no needs to worry about the excess stock transfer and stock maintenance problem, system cares about that matters.